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Posted on Apr 13, 2019

Quincy Baptist Church to welcome new pastor

On April 27, the Quincy Baptist Church will hold an installation service to welcome its new pastor, Roy Fraticelli, and his wife, Lois. The event will take place at the church at 228 F St. SE, Quincy, at noon, together with a complimentary lunch.
Fraticelli grew up the son of an Assemblies of God missionary father. At the age of 18, Fraticelli became a Southern Baptist, feeling most comfortable with their style of worship.
“I agree with the Baptist belief that the Bible is true, as well as the church missionary work,” Fraticelli said.
While he trusts God to lead him, Fraticelli calls himself “a man of action,” somebody who strives for excellence and results. He prays to make the right choices and then wastes no effort to achieve the best he can.
“I was an athlete in school, playing baseball,” he said.

Pastor Roy Fraticelli and his wife, Lois, are looking forward to their new mission in serving the Quincy Baptist Church, officially starting on April 27.
Photo by Jaana Hatton/For the Post-Register

Fraticelli explained how driven he was to be the best he can in the sport, and soon after, in the Air Force.
“People didn’t always like me: I was demanding,” he said. Despite that, he delights in the way new recruits in the Air Force would overcome their initial self-doubt and accomplish the goals set in front of them.
“We have to push for growth,” Fraticelli pointed out.
He moved to Wenatchee so that his first wife could be near her sister. Fraticelli was a church pastor in Ardenvoir until 2018, when the church was closed down due to lack of attendees. After Fraticelli’s wife passed away in 1994, it pushed him into a sense of aimlessness for the next four years.
Fraticelli met his current wife, Lois, at the Wenatchee Baptist Church and found the shape of his life once more.
“I have learned, and changed, through Lois. I’m not so hard anymore. Even my daughters say I’m different,” Fraticelli said and gave Lois a gentle hug.
Lois is a teacher at Pioneer School in Wenatchee, teaching the eighth grade.
Pastor Fraticelli was familiar with the Quincy Baptist Church long before he accepted the position in Quincy: Fraticelli has been a member of the Coulee Baptist Association, which comprises 14 churches – including Quincy – since 2014. He was once the president, now a trustee with the association.
When the Coulee Baptist Association held its executive meeting in August 2018, Fraticelli found out the Quincy church needed a new pastor to fill the void pastor Ralph Johnson’s passing had left.
“I started helping out in Quincy on Sundays in September 2018,” Fraticelli said. “In January, my position as pastor there became official, and on April 27, we will have the installation service.”
Pastor Fraticelli and Lois have many hopes and plans for the church.
“First of all, we want to let people know we are here,” they both pointed out.
“We are a church family,” Lois said. She would like to see the connection continue past the weekly services to staying in touch in daily life.
“I would like to offer more upbeat music,” Fraticelli elaborated, “and push for growth. The Lord doesn’t want us to do just a little bit of this, a little bit of that – we must try our hardest.”
He has many more plans, such as establishing a website for the church and reaching the younger people.
Currently, Pastor Fraticelli can be reached by phone at 509-679-0713 or via email at
Roy and Lois Fraticelli seem a like-minded, good-natured team ready to take on their new mission in Quincy.
“We want to lead people to Christ and help them grow,” Lois said, summarizing their vision.
“I will never retire,” Roy Fraticelli added with a smile. “This is what the Lord wants us to do.”

By Jaana Hatton, For the Post-Register