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Posted on Nov 11, 2017

Quincy couple goes all out for Seahawks

Married for 44 years and Seahawk fans since the team was born, Adam and Diana Hernandez felt this fall that it was time to double down on their fandom.
So they commissioned their son-in-law Jimmy Tarango to redo their driveway’s nine-year-old Seahawk logo, which had faded.
The results, as you can see, are impressive, but at the same time, a little bit redundant.
After all, all one needs to know to realize what kind of devoted fan they are dealing with is to look at the driveway, just above the Seahawk logo.

Diana and Adam Hernandez next to the newly repainted Seahawk logo on their driveway and the fading Dallas Cowboys star, which she says will not get repainted any time soon. Two of her children are Cowboys fans. 
Photo by Sebastian Moraga/Post-Register

That’s where the Dallas Cowboys’ star used to be, in tribute to the team that has won the affections of two of the four Hernandez children.
Worn and fading fast, that star is not getting any TLC anytime soon, Diana says, particularly after said children engaged in some friendly trash-talk with their Seahawk-loving parents not too long ago.
“I was getting a lot of (guff) from the Cowboys’ fans about the star being on top of the Seahawk, and I said, ‘Keep it up, and it’s not going to get redone,’” and so far, it hasn’t.
If that evidence weren’t enough, get yourself invited to the Hernandez family’s living room.
There you will find Seahawk slippers on the floor, Seahawks covers on the coffee tables, a Seahawks rug, a Seahawks shower curtain, Seahawks sunglasses and cellphone case, and even a Seahawks tissue dispenser, shaped like a little couch and upholstered in Seahawk blue.
And that’s just the beginning, Diana says. Her husband’s closet is teeming with Seahawk stuff, and their son’s room is filled to the brim with posters and decals.
Go back outside and you will find a Seahawks license plate, and on game days, a big Seahawks banner on the front yard.
The amazing part is that in the midst of all this devotion to the Seahawks, Adam and Diana have found enough room in their house for a second collection, unrelated to sports.
Adam is the main Seahawk guy, Diana says, while she collects Coca-Cola themed stuff.
Regardless of which collection, the main attraction, of course, is the logo on the driveway, which took about 13 cans of spray paint, but only about a couple of hours for Tarango, Hernandez said. Lucky for them, they found the white spray cans on sale at a buck apiece.
Not even the heart-breaking loss to the Washington Redskins (“can’t win ‘em all,” Diana says with a tiny shrug) could erase the pride she and Adam feel at the remodeled bird on their driveway. Neighbors haven’t said much, Diana says, “but I’m sure they like it.”
On the other hand, Eddie Hernandez, one of the Cowboy-loving scions, has plenty to say, especially when his folks pose next to the repainted bird (“say ‘Go Cowboys!’”) and when a car gets moved from the driveway to the street and the mortal remains of what once was a proud Cowboys star appears from under.
The star will once again shine bright, Eddie says.
“When we get that star repainted,” Eddie says, “you can come back and take a picture of that one.”

By Sebastian Moraga,