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Posted on Feb 5, 2019

Quincy High School band kicks fundraising into gear

If things go well, the Quincy High School band might show off some fancy new duds in the future.
Fundraising efforts that began in November with a chocolate sale end in a few days, before the Back the Jacks auction event on Feb. 9.
At Back the Jacks, several school programs will have items up for bid, with the money going to pay for different items. In the band’s case, the money raised will help in the purchase of a new drum set for the marching band’s percussionists.
“That can certainly get pricey,” band director Patrick Gordon said. “Just to replace what we have can cost about $8,000.”
The band’s items up for auction at Back the Jacks will include regular-season and preseason Seattle Seahawks tickets.
“We are still getting our baskets together,” Gordon said.
After Back the Jacks, fundraising will resume, with plans to start putting cash together for new uniforms for the band, to the tune of about $20,000.
“Our uniform project would be a couple of years in the future,” he said.
So first, the drums. In the state they are now, the drums might last a little longer, a couple of years or so, Gordon said.
“I’m not sure when they were purchased, but we are certainly in need of some new ones,” Gordon said, adding that the current drums look to be about 20 years old, and a band sounds much better with good percussion equipment.
After the drums will come the push for uniform money. After the uniforms will come the push to raise money for a trip to perform at Disneyland – in new uniforms, if possible.
“The nice thing about Disneyland, (and) the people who run it is, they are very open to have bands perform,” Gordon said. “They have bands perform in their park all the time.”
With new uniforms, the band will look sharper when performing in Anaheim, Gordon said. Disneyland is a theme park in Anaheim, California.
“Brand new uniforms, brand new drums, and then this trip would be the icing on the cake,” he said.

By Sebastian Moraga,