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Posted on Apr 25, 2019

Quincy Innovation Academy centers on students

Second in a series

QIA, Big Picture Learning program offers all Quincy students a modern learning experience through inquiry and competencies. This is a personalized student-centered learning pathway.
The five competencies that QIA students are guided by are:
• Communication – How do I take in and express ideas?
• Personal Qualities – How do I contribute to my growth and the growth of my community?
• Quantitative Reasoning – How do I measure, compare or represent it?
• Empirical Reasoning – How do I prove it? How do I reason?
• Social Reasoning – What are others’ perspectives? How do actions influence outcomes?
Students meet these competencies through projects, job shadows, internships, crash labs, reflections, autobiography, and other program requirements, which are referred to as benchmarks.
When students have completed the requirements for each competency and benchmark, they will “level up.” Leveling up essentially is moving on to the next grade level. Upon successfully completing the benchmarks and competencies during the senior year, and fulfilling all Quincy School District and Washington State graduation requirements, students receive a Quincy School District High School diploma.
*Be sure to visit our booth at Spring Fling Market at the Quincy Community Center April 27, 2019. Would love to have you come meet staff and students!

By the staff of Quincy Innovation Academy