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Posted on May 2, 2019

Quincy Innovation Academy students learn in a supportive community

Third in a series

Quincy Innovation Academy (QIA) expands and complements the traditional classroom and expands it to the real world. The sole mission of Big Picture Learning is to put the student directly at the center of their own learning experience by making it as authentic and relevant as possible.
By emphasizing interest-based internships and job shadow opportunities, students become actively invested in expanding their view of opportunities for learning under the tutelage of a supportive community. The entire community becomes part of the teach-ing team and helps them to develop the social capital and potential contacts they may need for the future of their work.
A job shadow is best described as a short-term (1-8 hours) showing of a broad overview of a work position and the tasks it entails. An internship is best described as a longer, more in-depth look at a position, profession or career.
Big Picture students at QIA intern – often twice a week – for the entire school day alongside experts in their field of interest. They complete authentic projects and gain perspective into a particular field of work. This can offer many insights, including whether this is, or is not, an appealing choice or pathway for them.
In Quincy, Washington Tractor, Desert Sun Dental, Quincy Police Department and Shopko have all offered job shadow opportunities. Internships have taken place at Pi-oneer Elementary, Quincy Junior High, Quincy High School, The Cambridge and Soleil Flor Studios.
Learning in immersive, community-based environments gives students the space to be creative, take risks, make mistakes and personalize their learning pathways. Taking more control of their education gives them the tools to be much more successful.
Our students are eager to get out and experience their fields of interest. We are asking everyone in any and all fields in the greater Quincy Valley community to help us craft sustainable job shadow and internship opportunities. Please contact us at 509-787-1678 if you would like more information or would take part to support this effort.

By the staff of Quincy Innovation Academy