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Posted on Dec 26, 2018

Quincy Partnership for Youth works on funding as federal grant ends

On Nov. 29, Quincy Partnership for Youth held a potluck event at the Activity Center to celebrate this year’s award winners, Piper Horning, Silvia Esparza and Kaye Baumgartner.
It was also a teary farewell to Adriana Luna, who was leaving QPY employment. Currently, the organization can only afford to keep one paid staff employee; coalition director Dayana Ruiz.
The mission of the organization is to keep the youth drug-free, prevent school dropouts, teen pregnancy and help with mental issues. The organization is supported by a network of local organizations and businesses, all of which believe in the same goal: creating positive opportunities for youth in the Quincy Valley area.
In order to keep things running and enable those goals to become realities, money is a necessity. Quincy Partnership for Youth has been receiving federal funding since 2007, but the end of this year marks the end of that funding, as well.
“We need to make it local,” Ruiz said. “The city of Quincy is already helping us with a matching-type of a donation that started at $30,000 a year. We should also talk with Olympia (to get state funding).”
In November, QPY received a Grant Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (PWI) grant of $90,000.
“We are surviving on Quincy dollars right now,” Ruiz said.
The organization is also surviving on volunteer help. The QPY governing board is composed entirely of volunteers.
The positive impact of such unpaid effort and enthusiasm has been considerable. Quincy Partnership for Youth accumulated a total of 992 events to engage the residents, such as Festival Familiar, Serve Event and participation in the Make a Difference Day activities. The members have attended youth and adult training, thus increasing the efficiency and knowledge base of the organization.
“We are going to get a Student Assistance Program Specialist from Wenatchee, hopefully starting in January 2019,” Ruiz happily reported.
The work of QPY is likely to make a lasting imprint on the individuals who join in – and on those they in turn reach out to.

By Jaana Hatton, For the Post-Register