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Posted on Feb 8, 2019

Quincy Shopko to close

Some customers of the Shopko pharmacy in Quincy have been wondering whether the pharmacy might be on the verge of closing and how that might affect how they receive medications.

Kris Torgeson, a customer of the Quincy Shopko store, said that a sign had been hanging in the pharmacy drive-up window.

“The drive-up (window) has been closed for a week,” Torgeson wrote in a message .

On Feb. 5, the pharmacy was open, but signs posted said the pharmacy will close on Feb. 13 and prescriptions will be transferred to the Walgreens in East Wenatchee.

And the latest information on Feb. 7 was that the store will also close but at a later date.

Shopko, a national chain of retail stores, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Jan. 16.

In a statement on the company’s restructuring dated Jan. 16 the company says: Today’s announcement provides clarity about the path forward for us, and we are confident the outcome will be a stronger Shopko for you, our valued customers, through the process.

Shopko made public a list of about 100 store locations to be closed, and the Quincy store was not on it. Four Shopko stores in Washington were on the list, at Yakima, Lacey, Spokane and Pullman. Later, the list was lengthened, and the Quincy store was on it, with a prospective closing date of May 5, 2019.

The company states that its continuing stores remain open for business, and it is conducting an auction process for its pharmacy business.

Employees of the Quincy pharmacy declined to comment for this article, and Shopko’s corporate spokespeople did not reply to requests for comment.

Shopko pharmacy customers have said they are having to go to other pharmacies in cities around Quincy for their medications.

Quincy Valley Medical Center does not operate a retail pharmacy.

Quincy Community Health Center recently opened pharmacy services in Quincy. Staffers at QCHC confirmed that people need to be patients of the center in order to use the QCHC pharmacy.

By Dave Burgess and Sebastian Moraga