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Posted on Mar 22, 2019

Quincy shows promising start in 2-0 nonleague loss

Despite losing to 4A school Wenatchee 2-0 on their season opener, the Jacks boys soccer team has plenty of reason to be optimistic.
For starters, the players’ stamina showed a marked improvement from last year, battling for the ball until the very end. Not a small feat considering it was their first game of the season and the team had only had indoor practices until a warmup at Wenatchee’s Apple Bowl.
Onlookers had doubts that a team playing its first game under first-year coach Francisco Tafoya, its first game of the year and on its first day outside of a basketball gym could avoid getting thumped. Not only did the team not get thumped, but at times, it looked pretty good against Wenatchee, a squad that had won its first two games of the season.
The teams would likely have ended up regulation tied if it weren’t for a three-minute stretch halfway through the first half, when Wenatchee’s standout Jose Camarillo scored twice, taking advantage of a rare miscue in the Quincy backline. Quincy fans in the stands, battling the biting cold of the Wenatchee evening, likely feared the worst for the second half of the game, but instead, Quincy kept Wenatchee off the board for the rest of the game.
“Very impressed by Quincy,” Wenatchee head coach Dennis Tronson told the media after the game. “They are going to be a force in the CWAC.”
Next up for the Quincy Jacks was a game against Wapato last Saturday, in the first league game of the year. The game was canceled due to lack of an available field.
The Jacks then traveled to Ephrata on Tuesday to face off against their archrivals from the east. The result was not available prior to press time.
The home opener will finally arrive for the Quincy Jacks boys soccer team on Saturday, when Ellensburg swings by Jaycee Stadium for a noontime kickoff.

By Sebastian Moraga,