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Posted on Sep 10, 2019

Quincy to reconsider fireworks ban request in spring

After concerned citizens in July presented a signed petition to ban fireworks in Quincy city limits, city officials have yet to make a significant response.
According to City Administrator Pat Haley, with the Independence Day holiday passed for the year, the city has put the issue on the backburner for now.
Earlier in the summer, the Post-Register reported that LeeAnnette Fortier approached the Quincy City Council urging a fireworks ban at the July 16 council meeting. The petition had 49 signatures.
Fortier recalled firecrackers thrown in her yard and neighbors yelling about a fire. She also told the council of stories she heard from others the day after and referred to Quincy as a “war zone” on July 4, due to the number, volume and danger of fireworks going off that evening and late into the night. Fortier also added that some individuals who did not sign the petition were in favor of enforced rules and regulations for fireworks, not an outright ban.
“I truly feel that it’s dangerous,” Fortier said on Sept. 9.
She said that while she had wanted to make her concerns heard at the council meeting, she did not expect any action from the council.
At the same council meeting, another citizen spoke against a ban.
Haley said the city will reconsider the issue next spring, when the national holiday, known for fireworks, is closer. He clarified that the city is not neglecting the issue of the fireworks and the requested ban, but that it is not currently a priority with July 2020 about 10 months away.

By Miles King,