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Posted on Jun 6, 2019

Quincy triplets head to University of Washington

Vanessa, Jesús and José Buenrostro, born in that order only a few minutes apart, now will keep living a few minutes apart in Seattle.
The triplets, graduating seniors this year at Quincy High School, have been accepted into the University of Washington, where they will join a fourth sibling.

From the left are José, Vanessa and Jesús Buenrostro, siblings about to graduate from Quincy High School.
Photo submitted by Laura Buenrostro

Margarita Buenrostro, a junior at UW, is one of the main reasons why the triplets will trade green-and-gold for purple-and-gold starting this fall. Having a sibling there helped them become familiar with the sprawling campus in northeast Seattle.
They did not set out to attend the same college. They looked into attending places like Gonzaga and the University of San Francisco, but at the end, Husky pride won out.
It helped, Vanessa said, that they all were directly accepted into their chosen majors. The familiar faces already in Seattle also became a factor.
At the UW dorms, the Buenrostro siblings will live alongside other people from Quincy. Vanessa will live with Melissa Aguilar and Amy Hernandez, while the two boys will live alongside their erstwhile wrestling teammate Efren Ramirez.
The triplets will live on opposite sides of campus and pursue two different career paths, with Vanessa chasing a major in business administration with a minor in Spanish, and the boys taking classes in construction management and architecture.
“My goal is to have a career and life that I’m happy with,” Jesús said. “It’s not just chasing money, but living happy.”
Regardless of the path, the fact that they get to walk it is a major point of pride for the Buenrostro triplets, as they are first-generation college students along with Margarita.
Children of Mexican immigrants, the triplets said that their parents came to America with a dream, and this move to Seattle is a chance for the siblings to fulfill those dreams.
“My biggest goal is to make them proud, for everything they have done for us to continue our education,” Vanessa said.
José agreed.
“My parents didn’t have the opportunity to go to school because they had to work,” he said. “Now that I have that opportunity, I want to make the most of it.”
Quincy will likely remain in the rearview mirror after their college days end. Their careers would be helped by staying in a bigger city, Jesús said.
As legions of incoming freshmen do, the triplets worry about the future job market, picking the wrong major once or more, or not having a fulfilling career. Those worries are still months ahead before having a chance to become a reality, so for now, the siblings have their sights set on the new experiences ahead.
Having three siblings around for at least a year will not curtail their desire to spread their wings and grow independently, the triplets agreed.
“We are all very close, but we are all different people,” Vanessa said. “We are all going to be on our own.”

By Sebastian Moraga, For the Post-Register