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Posted on Jun 14, 2019

Reynolds to retire from city

Maintenance Supervisor Dave Reynolds is set to retire from the city at the end of June.
City officials have begun planning in response to Reynolds’ departure, and they have some changes in mind. The changes began with modifications of job descriptions in public works presented at the June 4 meeting of the Quincy City Council.
Council member David Durfee Jr. was absent from the meeting.
Among the agenda items, a motion was approved to authorize an agreement between the city and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to allow a Quincy detective, Joe Westby, to assist ATF operations with the Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team.
In a significant step, the council approved a motion to award a water reuse project to Shoemaker Excavation Inc. The company bid about $3.6 million on the Reuse Wastewater Central Facility project.
There were a couple other water-related measures, and a few related to the roundabout project.
At the end of the meeting, a big-ticket item was approved, with no discussion or comments. A proposed city ordinance was proposed to create interim financing of the Quincy 1 Water project in the form of a revenue bond anticipation note in the amount of $12 million. The funds are for continued development of the water reuse system.
A motion to waive the first reading of the ordinance was approved. The second motion was unanimously approved.
To address the retirement of Reynolds, the first item proposed was a resolution to replace job descriptions for three positions: public works director, public works maintenance supervisor, and engineering administrative assistant.
Deputy City Administrator Pat Haley said the descriptions exist but need to be modified. Of the three, only the maintenance supervisor position is currently filled.
Responding to the motion, council member Josey Ferguson discussed his concern about the importance of a water distribution system manager certification, which is not a requirement in the new job descriptions. Council member Luke Garrison also remarked on the subject.
Haley responded that the water certification is important but the probability of finding someone with the certification is slim. The short-term solution he said is to have the firm Woodard and Curran perform those tasks with the city’s culinary water wells until city staff obtains the necessary certification.
The resolution was approved.
The council then authorized advertising for and hiring of a new public works maintenance supervisor.
Haley said the city’s objective is to have the position filled before Reynolds retires at the end of June.
“We want to fill this position immediately,” Haley said.
After the meeting, Reynolds said June 30 is his last day in his role as maintenance supervisor.
A public reception at City Hall for Reynolds and Tim Snead, the city administrator, who is retiring at the same time, is scheduled for June 28, from 4 to 6 p.m.
Haley said the changes being made to the public works job descriptions are tweaks of definitions only. The idea is to hire a maintenance supervisor and not require the water certification right now. Eventually, the plan is to hire a public works director, and the maintenance supervisor will report to the director. The third position contemplated, the administrative assistant, would be in public works and assist the city engineer.
In the next council meeting, Haley said, the director position and the administrative assistant position will be brought before the council. Motions would ask for the two jobs to be created and to be filled.
In staff reports, City Engineer Ariel Belino said there is a lot of construction around town and some confusing signage. He said the city is trying to improve it. Council member Sonia Padron whether the speed limit in the area of the roundabout project, westbound, is actually 15 mph. Belino gave an explanation about signage, said it is not really 15 but recommends drivers slow down.

By Dave Burgess,