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Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Sabey Data Centers Intergate Quincy saves energy

Sabey Data Centers Intergate Quincy was recently given nationwide recognition for energy efficiency and hosted a federal government official for a tour of the facility.  
Maria Vargas, the U.S. Department of Energy director of the Better Buildings Initiative, was in Quincy on June 21 to meet Sabey leaders and talk about the importance of saving energy. Vargas thanked Sabey for leading the way and sharing the lessons learned about using energy wisely.
“If leaders share, we all win,” Vargas said.

Maria Vargas

Vargas was enthusiastic about Sabey’s achievements as a partner in the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge, a program that encourages organizations to reduce energy waste.
“There is a lot of opportunity to reduce energy waste in this country,” Vargas said. “That’s really what the Better Buildings Initiative is about.”
Participating organizations – there are about 350 – commit to a goal to reduce their energy consumption and be transparent in how they do that and share their ideas.
“I’m here because Sabey is one of the leaders in the data center industry, not only in terms of making their data centers very energy efficient but their willingness to share what they are doing, like the tour we had today,” Vargas said. “It’s pretty remarkable – that’s why we are here.”
Accompanying Vargas on the tour of Sabey’s Quincy multi-tenant data center were John Sasser, senior vice president of operations with Sabey Data Centers, and two representatives of a Sabey customer, Steven Mullinax, director of infrastructure engineering for Alaska Airlines, and Rick Gideon, data center manager for Alaska Airlines. Saving energy is a core value of Alaska Airlines, which has been a customer at Intergate Quincy since 2016.

Inside Sabey Data Centers Intergate Quincy, John Sasser, Sabey senior vice president of operations, left, and Steven Mullinax, director of infrastructure engineering for Alaska Airlines, center, and Rick Gideon, data center manager for Alaska Airlines, display Alaska Airlines data cabinets – an example of hot aisle containment.
Photo by Dave Burgess/Post-Register

The electronic equipment that a customer such as Alaska Airlines uses at Sabey is enclosed in “a hot aisle containment pod.” Inside the pod, the temperature is higher, about 80 degrees, and this is a key to energy savings at Intergate Quincy.
At a less efficient data center, air conditioning is typically a large area of energy usage, Sasser explained.
Sabey Data Centers has been using hot aisle containment since 2008, and it was a big part of how the company received the Better Building recognition from the DOE, Sasser said.
The energy efficiency also has led to saving money. The company calculates it has saved more $206,000 in annual energy costs thanks to its energy-efficiency efforts.
Sabey Data Centers says it is one of the largest privately-owned multi-tenant data center developers and operators in the world. Even with the low power costs in the Quincy area, Sabey approached its facility here with the intent of providing its customers a highly energy-efficient facility.
“It is important for us to save energy and to be a part of this community,” Sasser said. “Part of being a good neighbor is not wasting electricity – we want to make sure we use it wisely.”
In a press release, the DOE praised Sabey Data Centers as an exemplary partner in the Better Buildings Challenge, saying Sabey committed to improving its energy performance by 20 percent over a 10-year period, and to sharing the results and strategies with other companies. The company surpassed its original goal of 20 percent by 2024, improving energy performance across its more than 3 million square feet of data center space by 24 percent from a 2014 baseline.
“Through the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge, data centers like Sabey’s are using energy more productively,” said Kathleen Hogan, deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at DOE, in a press release. “We applaud Sabey for sharing its results and best practices with other companies.”

By Dave Burgess,