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Posted on Mar 26, 2015

School board approves GSA club

The Quincy School District’s Board of Directors unanimously approved on Tuesday a new ASB Gay Straight Alliance Club at the high school.

The subject of creating the new club had been tabled in the past; however, with the encouragement of former board President Tricia Lubach, the club was approved.

“I encourage the board the approve this,” Lubach said. “It’s a student-requested club, and we usually support student-requested clubs.”

The mission of the club is to provide a safe and friendly environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or political views, and to promote hate-free speech in the school and community.

In other school board news, maintenance and operations supervisor Tom Harris explained the new Asset Preservation Buildings program to the board. Under the program, Monument School, the only district building qualifying for the program, has an overall rating of 88.3 percent out of 100 percent. The program requires a licensed inspector to visit every six years and score the building’s general condition.

Superintendent John Boyd also reported that the next meeting of the newly formed facilities committee is April 9. At that time, the community-led committee will begin to analyze the renovation and construction options the district is considering to expanding its schools. The goal is for the 24-member committee to eventually bring a proposal to the school board.

The district also continues to plan a community meeting in mid-April to gather feedback from parents and students about the current senior project requirements that must be completed before students can graduate. The district is considering changing the senior project requirement.


— By Kurtis J. Wood,