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Posted on Jul 8, 2019

Something’s cooking at Tacos Jacob

Tacos Jacob is the newest family-owned restaurant to open in Quincy. The opening was so anticipated, that by the time the doors opened, there was a long line of customers waiting outside of the door.
The owners, David and Francis Hernandez, followed their hearts, and chose to put Francis’ mother, Lidia, in the kitchen, where she works her magic best.
“It was always my mother’s dream to have something of her own,” Francis said. “She’s a good cook. She is the main chef at the restaurant.”
Sure, there are quite a few Mexican-style restaurants in town; six to be exact, but the main thing that sets Tacos Jacob apart from the others is its homemade tortillas and generous portions. Lidia likes using only fresh ingredients and making everything from scratch. She doesn’t worry about portions, because she wants her customers to be full and satisfied when they leave.
“The tacos are the best,” David said. “People will come because they know they will not leave hungry. The tacos are large and loaded with meat.”

From the left are: Araceli Mora, Antonio Herrera, Lidia Rodriguez, Francis Hernandez and David Hernandez. A family that works together, stays together. Tacos Jacob is the newest family-owned restaurant in Quincy.
Photo by Tammara Green/For the Post-Register

Running a restaurant is a bit of a change for David, who is a musician. He claims he will never leave his music behind completely. He likes being at the restaurant now because he can spend more time with his wife. Family, for the both of them takes priority over everything.
In the first week of operation, Tacos Jacob has enjoyed success. It seems that business is going better than expected for David and Francis.
“It has been busier than expected to be honest,” David said. “People are talking about it and the word is spreading. People came from Wenatchee and left a positive comment. They came back again. Workers from Microsoft came twice in the same day because they like the food.”
Curious minds wanted to also know why the couple chose the name Tacos Jacob for their restaurant. The easy answer, according to Francis, is that her mother wanted them to name the restaurant after her grandson Jacob, or she would politely decline the offer to come and help at the restaurant. Her demands worked, and so the name stuck.
Francis is in awe of her mother in the kitchen. She is a huge fan of her cooking, especially pork ribs in red sauce and her fish tacos. She also cannot wrap her mind around how her mother manages to make so many tortillas by hand.
“I admire her a lot,” Francis said. “She is working with a big pile of masa and she can make the tortillas so fast. When you go hire people you ask for their experience, but I already know my mom is a good cook.”
David patiently watches and learns as Lidia cooks so he can learn her recipes. He is catching on quickly already. Pretty soon, the whole family will be able to recreate mama Lidia’s recipes in the kitchen. After all, a family that cooks together, stays together.
Find Tacos Jacob at 800 First Ave. SW.

By Tammara Green, For the Post-Register