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Posted on Nov 3, 2018

Speaker to share secrets of mental toughness with QHS students

A busy couple of days await Tyler Pazik.
Pazik, an Arizona-based sports psychologist and motivational speaker will visit Quincy for a series of talks from Nov. 13 to Nov. 17.
He will start by meeting with the Quincy baseball team on Nov. 14, speaking to the entire Quincy High School student body on Nov. 15 at 2 p.m. and then with any athletes that want to swing by, from 5-7 p.m. Then on Nov. 16, he will meet with baseball coaches and then with all coaches Nov. 17.
Pazik has worked with programs at Notre Dame, Iowa, Indiana State, Oklahoma and other colleges, in addition to Crossfit athletes and MMA fighters, as well as high school students.
“He knows how to relate to different audiences and different ages,” said Andy Harris, the head coach of the Quincy High School varsity baseball team. Harris said Pazik will talk to the students about mental toughness, how to bounce back from failure and what it takes to compete.
“What is really cool about Tyler is that he talks about life and how you can apply it to life,” Harris said. “In life, we have to bounce back from failure: you didn’t get a job you thought you deserve, you have to bounce back from that. His talk to the whole student body will be more tailored toward that.”
You don’t need to be a child in athletics to find something worthwhile in Pazik’s message, Harris added.
“Yeah, he’s more on the athletics side, but when he’s talking to the whole group, it would be very beneficial for them to learn that there are strategies you can use to bounce back from failure.”
Harris praised Pazik for his willingness to come to Quincy “at cost.
“He said, ‘just pay for my flight and my food and I’ll come talk to the kids,’” Harris said. Pazik’s willingness to forgo a fee allows the school to offer this event to the public for free, he added.
“He’s a great guy, a great individual,” Harris said, adding that this may be a good way for grown-ups to learn how to help today’s youth.
“One of the things I hate hearing is ‘Kids these days,’ and I say it myself. We gotta stop saying that. We gotta find ways to help these kids figure out strategies to cope, to work through adversity.”
Harris added, “We can’t just expect them to do that. We have to build ways to do that.”
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By Sebastian Moraga,