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Posted on Mar 13, 2015

Students’ grades up at HTH; facilities committee gets down to business

When the Quincy School Board met at High Tech High on Tuesday, it was welcomed by ASB president Julia Vasquez. The senior, representing her fellow students, let the board know how much she liked HTH.

“I think it is a good school,” Vasquez said. “Without this school, I would not have good grades and good credits.”

Vasquez’s sentiment about good grades carried over to a presentation by HTH principal Garry Stidman. Since last year, the school has seen an 8 percent increase in students passing all of their classes, Stidman said. Many students entering the alternative school are missing credits, he added.

“When they come here they are credit deficient,” Stidman said.

On the studies and survey front, Superintendent John Boyd said the district had its first facilities committee meeting, which included board members Mike Scharbach and Alex Ybarra.

The newly formed committee is made up of about two dozen community members and district staff members. It is charged with recommending to the school board how the district should expand its facilities in the near future to deal with growing enrollment.

“I thought it was a good meeting,” Boyd said. “It was a little eat-your-spinach meeting with so much to chew on. I think we have a really smart group of people to get through it.”

Veteran board member and longtime resident Scharbach agreed with Boyd.

“It’s a lot to absorb,” he said.

The board also had a brief discussion on a proposed high school ASB Gay Straight Alliance Club. The last two districts he’s worked in had similar clubs, Boyd said.

“In my experience, it has been positive,” he said.

Board members Myrna Blakely and Scharbach said they were not against the club; however, they had concerns about how it would be viewed by high school students in a smaller school setting.

“I am concerned (club members) will be labeled,” Scharbach said.

The board tabled the proposal for now.

Student representative Mireya Camacho informed the board that student athletes are now signing a Social Media Contract, which states they will not post anything negative about their teammates on social networking websites.

And student representative Shayla Appling added that after talking with her peers, seniors want to keep the senior project requirement for graduation. However, some students would like the required amount of hours reduced as well as an option to make up credits.


— By Kurtis J. Wood,