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Posted on May 16, 2019

Students shine at FBLA State

Quincy High School student Tyler Wurl qualified for the national conference of the Future Business Leaders of America last month in Bellevue.
Nationals will take place in San Antonio, Texas, in June and early July.
He was one of three Quincy students to compete at State, alongside Regional champ Hunter Harrington and Gonzalo Birrueta. The latter placed ninth in Mobile Application Design, which involved building an app.
“He did really well,” Wurl said of his teammate, who was not available for comment.
Wurl said on May 12 that Birrueta had also received an invitation to Nationals but was not sure on whether to go.
A day later, Quincy FBLA adviser Ross Kondo confirmed that Birrueta would attend and
Wurl placed second in Networking Concepts and ninth in Cyber Security.
Cyber Security involved taking a 100-question multiple choice test. Networking Concepts involved a test, as well as working on designing a proposal for a company needing Wi-Fi for all its branches and a strong computer system between branches. Participants had 20 minutes to come up with an answer and then present it to a judge.
“It was pretty difficult, and it was my first time doing a presentation event,” said Wurl, a junior. “But it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I learned a lot doing it, a lot about what my weaknesses were.”
Wurl said his presentation lacked specifics. That, coupled with his first-time jitters and speedy talking, hurt his chances at getting first place.
Despite finishing as the silver medalist in Networking Concepts, Wurl will compete in Cyber Security at nationals.
FBLA rules allow for the top four students in an event to advance to Nationals, and once they get there, it allows students to participate in an event just once. So, despite finishing ninth, Wurl qualified for Nationals when a handful of the competitors ahead of him at state chose to compete in other events while in San Antonio.
Having to choose a field to compete in at Nationals, Wurl and Kondo chose Cyber Security over Networking Concepts.
Wurl said that since he did so well at State as a first-time participant in Networking Concepts, it’s a pretty safe bet that next year he will do well enough in it to qualify for Nationals. In the meantime, his focus is on remembering his stuff while he’s near the Alamo.
“I have been able to see a lot of cool places thanks to FBLA, and this will be another,” Wurl said.

By Sebastian Moraga,