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Posted on Sep 22, 2018

‘Swamp dwellers’ fight return of power to citizens: Guest Column

By Dwight Needens

Bea Weinand, Quincy’s 4th Avenue card shark, who at 90 still has the figure of a fashion model, loaned me a book she’d whizzed through in record time titled “Three Days In Moscow.” With enthusiasm, she’d told me “you’ve got to read this!” I’m glad she did. The book cites a portion of a speech Ronald Reagan gave in 1975 where he said in his opinion (referring to unemployment, inflation, the economy, interest rates and more) that the root of the problems was “right here, in Washington, D.C.” He went on to say our nation’s capital had become the seat of a buddy system that functioned for its own benefit while becoming increasingly insensitive to the needs of the American worker (who are providing the funds). He had it right, and if anyone were to go in and drain the swamp, the swamp dwellers would be thrashing wildly like an enormous fish during a deep-sea fishing expedition. The “swamp dwellers” would fight with everything they have not to be uprooted. When you start seriously studying what really has gone on in D.C. for decades, sadly, the definition of extortion seems a perfect match.
Determining who the worst “swamp-dwellers” have been becomes more clear as you watch who is fighting the return of power to the citizens, while trying to turn around reality, loudly declaring that they are the ones standing up for American values. Tommyrot! Recently a man had his financial dealings probed with a fine-tooth comb. I’d always heard you only had to keep your financial records for seven years, so it surprised me to learn a man is facing prison for a tax situation from 2005, once again revealing a double-standard if you look into 2008 reports on Charlie Rangel (see The New York Times and numerous other sources). Rangel’s lawyer was Lanny Davis, the same man who’s recently “walked back” his one-time widely broadcast claim that Donald Trump had prior knowledge of a meeting with a Russian lawyer to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton.
In the meantime, for those who’ve watched Alex Jones’ show (on the net) for any length of time, we know Jones was removed from several platforms based on false accusations, twisted stories, and even cut-and-paste clips that were edited. When you’d seen “the real thing” you’re shocked by the lies about Jones that many have accepted as truth. People too busy to sort out the truth have been believing lies for who knows how long – something those in the top of propaganda production have relied on for as long as they’ve had major control of the media. So when independent media folks come along, once too many people start becoming aware of the truth, the mainstream deception coordinators go into action and will pull the plug on the whistleblowers, always using a technique to try to totally destroy them in the eyes of the public. Currently, the number of truth-tellers being silenced on major platforms is beyond belief.
Thousands, perhaps millions, of my dad’s German relatives living in Russia were driven from their homes, sent to labor camps and subject to starvation and annihilation because of socialism. Now, Russia’s actually moving more towards democracy and freedom of religion, but the deflection/propaganda folks rail on Russia while they say nothing about China, but if you really look into it, I think you’ll find it’s China that has been quietly overpowering America like a Boa Constrictor, moving towards having total control over the U.S. Look up China and Apple and see how the large tech company’s been giving its power over to China.
So many, many things affecting the U.S. in a huge way are simply left on the shelf while constant bickering over comparatively petty things are what is reported on the mainstream news. Well, it looks like we’re just going to have to impeach Trump! We can’t have the economy continue to thrive, and we can’t have a president actually doing the very things that numerous previous presidents only talked about, like moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. We must follow the cry of top Democrats to get rid of immigration and custom enforcements (ICE), right? We must commend California’s governor that the act of knowingly donating HIV-infected blood has been decriminalized (SB 239, signed into law last September). Forget about borders; let anyone and everyone into the country, provide them food stamps, cellphones, medical care, housing and throw in the right to vote – right from their phone!

Dwight Needens is a resident of Quincy.