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Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Quincy High School teacher is valley’s ‘finest football mind’

Reed Hyer, a Quincy High School teacher, has finished the 2018 season of our Football Picks contest with three wins, the most of any player who participated in this year’s contest.
Hyer, one of four Hyer family members participating in the contest every week, says most of his picks are random. His explanation of how he goes about picking, though, shows there’s a little more to it than that.
“I look at the teams that are against each other and I go back in my mind to which one is historically is a good team. If it’s a toss-up, I look at who’s playing at home,” Hyer said. “That’s about it.”
There’s no secret to it, Hyer said, although “I try to leave emotion out of it,” he added.
That sometimes means rooting for the Quincy Jacks, but leaving the cheering for the actual game and picking the other guys on the Football Picks sheet.
“Of course I want Quincy to win but when the opponent looks like the sturdier team, “you leave emotion out of it,” Hyer said, repeating his gameday mantra, “and go with whom you think is better.”
The Football Picks contest is one of two that he participates in.
The other one is between all the Hyers who play: Hyer’s mom, dad, self and his 13-year-old son. There’s no money involved, just bragging rights.
Last year, there was no money involved in our Football Picks game, so Hyer didn’t play every week. This time, with a $64 weekly prize, “it’s a lot more fun,” Hyer said.
His students have not said much about his winning three times, but his coworkers have noticed.
“A couple of them say things like, ‘OK, you again?,” Hyer said.
Last year, the winners were a 1-2 combo of Gina Goodwin and his fiance Rod Schwint. This year, Schwint finished second, winning two weeks to Hyer’s three.
Last year, we asked the winners what could make the contest better and they suggested expanding it into basketball season.
This year, we asked Reed the same thing and he said the contest is harder when it involves high school matchups not from the nearby area.
“Then, I really have to stop and think, ‘OK, what league are they in, who do they play?’ and it’s a tossup. A lot of them this year were a tossup and a guess,” Hyer said.
Hyer, who grew up in Quincy, played in our Football Picks game when he was in high school and says he won multiple times then.
He took what he termed as a 25-year leave of absence from the game, but then he came back to Quincy nine years ago and started playing again.
“I have been playing ever since,” Hyer said.

By Sebastian Moraga,