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Posted on Jul 9, 2015

There’s no sinking these paddlers

Hunter Durfee and Mitchell Main proved that slow and steady wins the race.

Last Wednesday, in the inaugural Cardboard Boat Regatta, hosted by the Quincy Rec Deptartment, Durfee, 12, and Main, 8, were the captains of the lone boat that lasted the entire 10 minutes. In the tiny tot division, The USS Emmett, captained by Emmett Bogle,, was the winner.

USS Emmett
Durfee and Main engineered, with the help of their families, the unsinkable boat. They used 18 rolls of duct tape during the build and another four rolls for decoration. The boat took five days to complete, was named “The Terminator” and looked like a dory or canoe.
“It was mine and my friend Hunter’s idea,” said Main. “We started on Saturday.”
They put the finishing touches on the boat prior to launch. They also found out their design needed a tweak during their test run.
“We did a test right before and it immediately flipped,” said Susie Main, mother of Mitchell. “So we put triangle pontoons on the side.”
They also used the triangle idea in the design of the hull, which allowed for air pockets and more buoyancy. With 360 yards of duct tape on the inside and outside of the boat it allowed the two kids to row back and forth numerous times.
They beat out the second-place team of Evan and Seth Linscott in the USS Freedom and third-place Trevor Moloso and Hunter Harrington in their unnamed boat.


Moloso and Harrington appeared to be the early favorites as the two teens were looking to lap the competition. But as fast as they were paddling, the ship was taking on water and sinking. Even when the boat’s bow was under water and Moloso’s body was all but sunk, Harrington was still paddling away.
Both skippers valiantly went down with their ship or as Harrington said they received “The Titanic Award.”