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Posted on Apr 10, 2019

Those on the political left have gone too far: Column

By Kathie King

Well, the 2020 Democratic president wannabes have finally tipped me over. They spent the day with Al Sharpton kissing his ring. They must not realize that he and Jesse Jackson do not represent a whole bunch of the black community anymore. Reparations, they want. I want reparation for the trillions of dollars that would still be in the Social Security Lockbox that the Johnson administration raided. With interest, it would be quite a sum. Before their lovefest with Sharpton (reverend my fanny) the governor of our fair state and seven others were chanting the words of one of that group’s leaders, a person who killed a Pennsylvania trooper in the ’80s and escaped to Cuba. The emcee even referred to her as a leader. They said they had to break their chains. The only chains this rag tag group have worn are gold ones. This is sick, and we are paying for Inslee to jet all over to support this.
A documentary, “Seattle Is Dying,” has been released to the Internet. Watch it. Talked to some Seattleites this weekend, and they say the average business owner and home owner have had a bellyful. They are tired of having to step over people shooting up in front of their work places and sidewalks in their neighborhoods. Now maybe the West side will wake up and get rid of the progressives who rule them, and those in our state legislature who rule the rest of us. We can’t do it alone. They outnumber us.
Do any of my liberal friends believe there is a crisis on the southern border yet? Democrats in Congress and 2020 president wannabes are still spewing that there is no crisis and thus, no emergency to stop the next 20,000 that are on their way. Those in Congress have been invited to go down and see what is going on. Border Patrol has said, so far, nobody who believes there isn’t a problem has ventured down there. Wasn’t that cute when Jim Acosta was down there doing his spiel? He stood next to a wall and uttered the famous line, “There is nothing to see here, nothing’s happening.” Thanks, Jim, for that news flash. Get your fanny down to where the action is.
And, last but not least the same people who are good with the new laws that allow infanticide are the same ones who seem to be at war with our first responders who are under siege with how they must handle people who run from the law. Most people who run from the law have a reason and not because they are frightened that the police will treat them badly. They have warrants for their arrest and they know they will go to jail or they are here illegally, as happened to the deputy in Kittitas County. Every stop could be deadly. Enough is enough.

Kathie King is a resident of Quincy.