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Posted on Nov 4, 2019

Transportation concerns raised at school board meeting

During the Quincy School District board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 22, school district Transportation Director Rob Henne reported some issues transportation has noticed in the first two months of school.
The meeting, held in the transportation building, was well attended. About two dozen district employees and community members filled the room, including Athletic Director Brett Fancher, Quincy High School Principal Marcus Pimpleton, Quincy Middle School Principal Scott Ramsey and Ancient Lakes Elementary Principal Colleen Frerks.
Board members Alex Ybarra and Henry Hernandez were absent as well as senior student representative Taylor Thomsen.
Board President Susan Lybbert started the discussion about transportation concerns, reporting that she has personally seen some students being dropped off at nearly 5 p.m., nearly two hours after high school students – the last to be released – are released at 3:10 p.m.
Henne acknowledged the slow route times and said they needed to be observed to discover issues. The longest bus routes are from 90 to 115 minutes, he added. Fortunately for schools, the route times have not affected students arriving to school on time.
Another issue Henne identified was parents not being present at bus stops to receive their kids. Per district policy, students in second grade or younger must be picked up by a guardian at the bus stop, he said.
According to Henne, about 300 fewer students are riding buses daily compared to last year. Superintendent John Boyd said that he has seen bike racks full almost every day, agreeing that more students are biking and walking to school.
Students walking and biking to school are sometimes late, said Frerks. Some students who live the closest to school grounds are arriving late.
“Some students I can see walking across the street,” she added.
In other matters, junior board member Eduardo Diaz shared with the board that students at the high school were offered SAT tests. If students did not want to take the test, the pre-SAT was also offered. He also shared concerns of the level of violence in the school, and has noticed an increase since his freshman year. Diaz is currently a junior.
Boyd was the last to speak and noted the board’s work calendar is somewhat finalized. “We’re trying really hard to stay on track with that,” he added. Boyd closed the meeting sharing construction progress across the district and said workers are chipping away at final items.
The board adjourned the meeting and entered a work session regarding the student health center at the high school. The next board meeting will be held on Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the transportation building.

By Miles King,