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Posted on May 30, 2019

Two loads at intermodal yard put the ‘over’ in ‘oversize’

The Port of Quincy’s Intermodal Yard, where road and rail freight transportation meet, was the setting for two amazingly large shipments last week.
The objects – Grant PUD equipment – were not so large, but they were so heavy they required wider and longer vehicles to move them.
Estimates of their weight varied slightly.
According to the yard manager, Gary Schoessler, who works for NCW Logistics running the facility for the Port of Quincy, a transformer weighing 366,000 lbs. was shipped to a Grant PUD dam. The gigantic set of vehicles carrying the transformer left the Quincy yard last week, at night.
The rectangular transformer arrived at the Quincy yard on a special rail car with 12 axles, Schoessler said – something to behold. At the yard it was transferred to a massive collection of vehicles for transport over the roads.
To move the transformer over the road took three trucks: two in back pushing and one in front pulling. The company performing the specialized haul, Omega Morgan, based in Oregon, was a pleasure to work with, Schoessler said.
The transformer and all the equipment used to move it over the road amounted to just under 1 million pounds, he said, adding that the shipment was the “biggest we ever dealt with.”
A second extremely heavy piece of Grant PUD equipment, a generator shaft, came through the Port of Quincy’s Intermodal Yard about the same time, but on its way out of a dam, Priest Rapids, according to a Grant PUD spokesman. The 110-ton generator shaft was on its way to be refurbished in the Montreal, Canada, area, to a company that can do the specialized work.
The generator shaft load was 320,000 pounds, according to Schoessler.

By Dave Burgess,

A Grant PUD generator shaft, seen in blue, waits in the Port of Quincy Intermodal Yard on May 23 to be moved to a rail car.
Photo by Dave Burgess/Post-Register