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Posted on Feb 14, 2019

A Valentine’s Day story: West-sider couple credit familiar territory for their love story

For a nascent romance, no better place to start than a bar. A Crescent Bar, that is.
Amber and Corey Smith agree, and that’s why this pair of newlyweds (married Sept. 15, 2018) chose Crescent Bar as the place of their nuptials. And they didn’t stop there.
By the time July comes, they will both be residents of Crescent Bar, having relocated from the west side to a place both they and their families cherish.
Amber’s family had a place in Crescent Bar for years, as did Corey’s. And yet, the two did not meet until three years ago, in (where else?) Crescent Bar.
“We grew up going there our whole lives,” said Amber, a Woodinville native who added that Corey was born and lived in Wenatchee until he was 5.
“Before I even met him, I thought of moving over there,” Amber said. Her mom and stepdad live in the area, and one of her siblings lives in Wenatchee.

Corey and Amber Smith near the site of their nuptials in Crescent Bar. The newlywed couple met at, got married in, and are moving to Crescent Bar.
Photo submitted by Amber Smith

The lure of having all four seasons in a year plus the strong sense of community that permeates the Quincy Valley appeal to Amber, 25, and Corey, 36, whose parents were on the same street in Crescent Bar.
Corey is a levelheaded guy, and that meshes well with Amber’s personality, which she described as carrying tinges of anxiety at times. They do compromise on certain things, like watching college football or the Kardashians.
With time, Corey and Amber discovered they have a lot in common now that they are both adults, including a love of sports and the Quincy Valley. And sports in the Quincy Valley. They both dig rooting for the Jacks, and the agreements don’t stop there.
“We always make sure we are on the same page with each other, supporting each other, and encouraging one another to get your goals, whether it’s work or personal,” Amber said.
With both sides of the family having relatives in the Valley, the decision to move to Grant County almost made itself, decades after their families became neighbors.
If they had met when she was 15, though, “it would be frowned upon,” said Amber, who added that their families were “psyched” when they found out the two were dating. “We never ran into each other (back then), which is weird, but with the age difference, I think it’s better that we met only three years ago.”
With Valentine’s Day happening this week, any plans for a romantic outing east to their favorite uppercase-B bar got buried under several feet of snow on the mountain passes. So instead, they will settle (as of this writing) for a quiet dinner at home. Corey will be in charge of the cooking and he likes his chances.
“I’m going to be the king of the kitchen,” he said with a laugh. Asked if that was what normally happened in the Smith household, he was just as upfront.
“Oh, heck no,” he said, without losing his optimism. “But I’m gonna try.”

By Sebastian Moraga,