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Posted on Mar 23, 2019

Verizon Media donates conservation savings to benefit community

Grant PUD’s community-sponsored Share the Warmth program received a considerable donation, $69,650, from Verizon Media data center in Quincy. The funding will go to help the neediest families throughout the county pay their electric bills when they have no other options, according to a press release.
Verizon Media, made the donation by giving back $81,650 in rebates the company received due to its energy conservation efforts. The company plans to also contribute the remaining $12,000 of the rebate toward providing energy-efficient LED light bulbs for Grant PUD’s qualified senior/disabled low income customers as part of the utility’s Pay-it-Forward Partnership, according to the press release.
Members of Verizon Media’s leadership attended the March 12 commission meeting, where the company’s contribution was recognized by Grant PUD’s commissioners.
“Since 2007, we’ve been proud to call Quincy home,” said Paul Bonaro, vice president of Verizon Media Data Center Operations, in the press release. “Our investments here have helped power innovative products and services beloved by users around the world. Doing so efficiently and sustainably has now afforded us the opportunity to give back to the Quincy community. Share the Warmth helps our neighbors in need keep their power on. We’re proud to be able to contribute to such an important cause.”
“In 2018, Share the Warmth helped close to 300 families keep their power on and their families warm,” said Senior Manager of Grant PUD’s Customer Solutions Terry McKenzie in the press release. “Any donation to Share the Warmth helps our neighbors who are in need of a helping hand. Verizon Media’s generosity cannot be overstated as something that will make a substantial difference to our community.”
Grant PUD prides itself on having some of the most competitive electrical rates in the nation for all customer classes. One of the ways the utility accomplishes this is by achieving the conservation requirements which are part of the Energy Independence Act, adopted by Washington state voters in 2006, according to the press release.
As part of this law, every two years qualifying utilities must report their energy conservation achievements to the state. Grant PUD has established a conservation goal for the 2018-2019 biennium of 34,000 megawatt-hours.
As a way to achieve its conservation goal, Grant PUD works closely with the large commercial and industrial customers in documenting energy efficient changes customers make to their buildings. Efficiency modifications include a variety of enhancements including optimization of heating and cooling systems, equipment modifications, lighting updates or other custom projects.
Anyone wishing to make a donation to Share the Warmth can make a contribution on their monthly Grant PUD bill. All donations to Share the Warmth help those in need pay their electric bills during difficult times.

Post-Register Staff