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Posted on Dec 6, 2018

Warmin’ the Soles is warming hearts

It all started with one pair of shoes.
Brad Jones, a Quincy 5th grade math and science teacher, noticed that a student of his badly needed a new pair of shoes during the winter of 2017. He went out and bought the boy footwear. In one year, the idea grew: On Dec. 15, his wife, Lyndsay, will be helping to deliver 114 pairs of new shoes to elementary school students in town.
The initial shoe purchase stayed on Lyndsay’s mind and made a home there.
“I’m in a goal-setting group. The shoes soon became my goal – my dream, really,” she said.
On Oct. 23, 2018, Lyndsay Jones posted a request for donations on Facebook, explaining that her charity called Warmin’ the Soles is for buying shoes for kids who cannot afford them.
“I set my goal at $1,000,” she said. “That felt like an achievable amount.”
A month later, on Nov. 26, the charity had accumulated $4,561.33 in donations.
Jones has connected with the Shoes that Fit organization, which will organize a bulk order of 100 pairs of shoes with a minimum order of $3,000. It will match the sizes submitted and send a mix of brands and styles.
“We have been measuring feet and getting ready for the December event,” Jones said. “When we go to the schools to measure, we tell the kids they have won in a drawing and will be getting new shoes.”
According to Jones, all the schools have been helpful and excited about the program. At this point, Warmin’ the Soles will be able to help students in Monument Elementary (58), Pioneer Elementary (40-plus) and Mountain View Elementary (less than 20). Jones is planning to expand the program to reach out to Rock Island, as well.
A pair of new shoes can be like magic, according to Jones.
“Their faces light up,” she said. “I can see a new attitude, their spirits are elevated.”
Her charity has also been donating socks, and she hopes to continue with that, as well.
You can find more information at:
Donations can also be taken to Washington Trust Bank in Quincy. Jones can be reached at 509-670-5490.

By Jaana Hatton, For the Post-Register