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Posted on Jun 22, 2019

You have to break some eggs to make … a scientist

Parachutes were used by many students at Pioneer Elementary School to protect an egg in a fall from a firetruck bucket. It was the fun end-of-the-year Egg Drop event in which students made their own projects, like spaceship landing capsules, and tested them to see whether they could keep an egg inside safe.
After each drop at the June 11 event outside Pioneer Elementary, the student’s project was opened to see how the fragile egg inside fared.
Lots of eggs emerged successfully protected. And, lots of eggs were gooey messes.

Students watch their Egg Drop projects fall from the bucket of a Grant County Fire District 3 firetruck and land on the pavement below.
Photo by Dave Burgess/Post-Register

Some parachutes opened nicely and allowed the eggs suspended beneath to descend slowly to the pavement. Others fell hard. Some that did not employ a parachute or balloons bounced off the pavement.
Each one was fun to watch and was a learning experience.
One unusual design did not use a parachute or balloons to slow the descent. Third-grader Mikayla Wells’ project relied on the cushioning of popcorn packed tightly in a plastic bag to protect the egg. The bag hit the pavement with a thud, but the egg didn’t break.
Teacher Camille Jones was the one who dropped that one from the firetruck bucket.
The design was “such a unique idea,” stated Jones in an email. “I’ve never seen that before.”
This year, the Egg Drop event was done at all four Quincy public elementary schools, according to Jones, giving students in kindergarten through sixth grade a chance to participate.
“We also partnered with the Quincy Rec Department to provide a free family night where families could come design and build their egg packages together,” Jones wrote.
The Egg Drop was the grand finale of the school district’s Family STEAM Challenges during the school year, she added. The district’s program was led by Pauline Baughman at Monument Elementary School.

By Dave Burgess,